Your EDM Premiere: Exclusive Full Set from Andromedik and Liquicity to Go With “I See You” Release [Video]


We all know how tough and uncertain things were in 2020 and 2021 when it came to rave events and lineups. So many moving parts, from venues being shut down, a new government regulation apparently every minute, and of course artist travel problems. Hell, we’re still not out of the COVID muck in the second month of 2022. This inevitable and unavoidable glitch happened at the September 2021 Liquicity in Prague when Maduk, one of the hotly anticipated headliners, couldn’t make it due to travel restrictions. Luckily another Liquicity favorite, Andromedik, was able to step in. His set ended up being one of the highlights of that event and possibly the year.

With Andromedik’s latest single, “I See You” having just released last week, Liquicity decided it was a good time to also release the legendary Prague set on YouTube, and Your EDM has the premiere. With the pared-down yet nonetheless fervent audience (pared down for Liquicity, that is; the crowd was still massive) spurring on the epic energy, Andromedik ripped through a number of white labels, including “I See You” at the very beginning of the set. The energy of the set, COVID or no, is representative of Liquicity and will bring fans right back to those epic times at the biggest liquid festie on the planet.

The afore-mentioned “I See You” was a great way for Andromedik to open his set; melodic and emotive but with heavy dancefloor vibes, this track is a balanced look at Andromedik’s style and substance. Paired with vocalist Reink’s melodic verse, the synths charge the track forward as the starburst beat line ensure we’re well inside D&B lines even with the theatrical pop composition structure.

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Andromedik’s Liquicty set and “I See You” are watchwords of what we’re all fighting for in the rave world; the freedom to create, to gather and to truly be “seen.” COVID and its regulations can’t take that from humanity and these two pieces are stating the goal, loud and clear: we must, and will, save the rave.

“I See You” is out now on Liquicity Records and can be streamed or purchased here. Check out other Liquicity sets on their YouTube Channel.

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