Artists and fans react to When We Were Young festival’s epic announcement

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After the When We Were Young festival was announced earlier this week (Jan. 18), Twitter was flooded with posts about the festival. Emo kids rejoiced, commenting on everything from the lineup to the graphic design of the poster. Check out some of our favorite tweets below.

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Paramore and My Chemical Romance headliners

There has been lots of excitement for the headliners, especially for two iconic bands of the emo revival, Paramore and My Chemical Romance.

The Flyer

After noticing the jam-packed lineup, many were quick to make jokes on the design of the flyer itself —mainly how it feels like a teenage dream come true. It practically could be a Tumblr edit or something a middle schooler would draw on the back of their binder to make sure everyone knows they’re a scene kid (as if the Dr. Martens and the black nail polish weren’t a dead giveaway).

2010, that you?

The biggest thing the When We Were Young festival has finally proved is that being emo is not, in fact, a phase [swoops bangs]. The announcement sent many reeling into nostalgia, leading to lots of old-school emo jokes (rawr XD).

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