Brandi Carlile To Perform Joni Mitchell’s Album ‘Blue’ at Carnegie Hall


For the second time in three years, Brandi Carlile will perform Joni Mitchell’s legendary 1971 album, Blue, in full, in concert. The event will occur at New York City’s Carnegie Hall, on Nov. 6. Show tickets will be available via public pre-sale set for Wednesday at 11 a.m., with a general on-sale following on Thursday, at the same time.

Singer-songwriter Mitchell is an inspiration to Carlile’s storied career. The legendary performer has oftentimes welcomed Carlile as a guest at her home in her retirement. In regards to what can be expected from the performance, Variety’s review of Carlile’s October 2019 performance of the album at Los Angeles’ Disney Hall included the following:

“In the ’60s and onward, Mitchell was revolutionary in how she would float from a casually conversational tone into a devastating falsetto without making any of the seemingly necessary stops in-between. But that’s always been peculiarly true of Carlile, too. … Confession and conversation finally gave into the high, wordless aria that closes ‘The Last Time I Saw Richard,’ which may have left the crowd tattooed for some time to come with the thought of the last time they saw nirvana.”

To the crowd that evening, Carlile added, “I’m gonna ask the question that you’re all wondering: Why the hell did I decide to do this? None of us get the chance to see ‘Blue’ live. So I’m listening right alongside you tonight and enjoying this classic and amazing album, just like you are. And I’m not here to reinvent the wheel. I really haven’t put my own spin on hardly any of this music. I’ve just worked my ass off to try and learn and sing it to the best of my ability… So tonight isn’t about me; it’s not about ego: It’s about you getting to hear ‘Blue’ live.”

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