Premiere: Sasha McVeigh Releases “God Bless This Mess”


Newcomer Sasha McVeigh’s latest video, for her single “God Bless This Mess,” is all about self-acceptance and learning to enjoy’s life’s journey–even when things don’t go perfectly. McVeigh wrote the song alongside Vanessa Olivarez.

McVeigh and Olivarez penned the song in 2015, and McVeigh says the song has taken a long journey to this point. “Back then, it somehow got into the hands of Margaret Tomlin at Sony and was subsequently pitched to and put on hold by Miranda Lambert,” McVeigh says. “It ultimately didn’t get cut, but that spurred me to start performing the song live. It wasn’t until Nathan Chapman heard me perform it at the Wild West Songwriter’s Festival in Deadwood, South Dakota, and said that it should be recorded and released, that I decided to go into the studio. It was meant to be released last year, but it somehow didn’t feel right to release music in the midst of the uncertainty we all faced, so I held off and then finally released it this year on July 15. There was a time when I thought I would never record the song myself, but I am so glad that I did. It just goes to show, timing is everything and everything happens for a reason!”

McVeigh says videographer Adam Ewbank used the video’s chaotic scenes to reflect the song’s message. “In the music video we tried to express the chaos in the song by making a mess of the different rooms in the house. I will never forget how much Adam laughed at how easily and manically I was able to make the house look like a tornado had blown through. It’s ironic because I’m normally a very organized and tidy person, but I always joke that there’s a hot mess version of me constantly fighting to get out and I guess I let her out in full force during the shoot.”

“I would love for fans to watch this video and realize that it’s okay to have messy moments in life,” McVeigh adds. “Nobody is perfect and life certainly isn’t perfect. We all have bad days and we all have times when we take a ride on the hot mess express, but it’s all part of the journey and I like to believe it keeps life interesting. Embrace the difficult times and celebrate the good ones, because life is too short to have regrets.”

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