CTM 2021: Peaches & Pussykrew – Fill the Whole

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An exclusive walkthrough of the visionary trio’s new video game.

As part of CTM Festival’s virtual space Cyberia, trailblazing musician Peaches teamed up with visual artists Ewelina Aleksandrowicz and Andrzej Wojtas aka Pussykrew to create a unique video game experience. Titled Fill the Whole, the game is described as an “experimental exercise in self-love and acceptance” that allows the player to explore body positivity and gender freedom.

“Pussykrew and Peaches want to become whole,” reads the game’s synopsis. “They want to use this opportunity to also help us all become whole. Deepen the self. Look at the holes in our personal emotions and mental states and fill them in or at least explore. Explore inside. Use Technology and self-care together. Ask uncomfortable questions and stay with them. Meditate on them. Feel things that are painful and accept that this is a part of us and not a weak part of us but an important part. How the technology can help us explore inside and bring it back outside again with ease.”

Above, Fact presents a video walkthrough of the project, which also features typography design from ​Ksti Hu​ and Heimer. Until March 14, 2021, Fill the Whole can be played via Cyberia, a virtual venue and club space that CTM has built to allow audience members to experience a number of performances and installations from its online programme. You can also play it at the dedicated Fill the Whole website.

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Direction & Dev : Pussykrew
Game Play & Creative: Pussykrew & Peaches
Sound Design & Spoken Word: Peaches
Type Design & Logo : ​Ksti Hu​ & Heimer

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