Kane Brown Launches Verse 2, His Own Publishing Company


Not content to rest on his laurels of starting his own label, 1021 Entertainment, Kane Brown has also launched Verse 2 — his own publishing company, as a joint venture with Sony Music Publishing Nashville. This continues Brown’s building of a musical empire of sorts with Sony, as 1021 is also a joint venture with the label. Plus, Brown himself also signed a worldwide publishing deal with Sony Music Publishing Nashville.

Regarding the development, Brown noted, “I want to provide opportunities. As an entertainer, I love being able to take people I believe in out on the road with me or be able to help them find a moment that makes a difference in their career. I also want to work with great people. We are a family.”

As proof of his statement, 1021 Entertainment’s first signing was Restless Road, a pop-country trio that opened for Brown on pre-quarantine dates of his 2020 Worldwide Beautiful Tour. The group’s signing coincided with their debut — and 1021’s first — single, “Took One Look at Her Momma.” As well, Verse 2 will be run by Kent Earls, who signed Brown to a publishing deal in 2015.

In a statement released related to the announcement, Earls added, “I am beyond excited to start my next chapter with Kane, Jon, Rusty, and the entire Sony Music Publishing family. Verse 2 Music will focus on exceptional songwriters and artists that aspire to make musical history. I am fortunate to have started working with Kane from the beginning of his career and now again with him in this time when he is a superstar in the country format and beyond.”

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