Mickey Guyton Releases Captivating Cover of Beyoncé’s “If I Were a Boy”


Continuing with a theme of releasing captivating torch songs, Mickey Guyton has covered Beyoncé’s 2008 single “If I Were a Boy” as a part of an Amazon Music Black History Month campaign.

This release follows her groundbreaking award nominations for Best Country Solo Performance for the Grammy Awards, plus her recent Academy of Country Music nomination for New Female Artist of the Year. Grammy-nominated single “Black Like Me” was also named one of the Top 10 songs of 2020 by Billboard, The Associated Press, Rolling Stone, and NPR.

The brand new mother tells People that “[“If I Were a Boy”] represents the release and the birth of something new,” adding, “It was important for me to record ’If I Were a Boy’ because I have been fighting in country music for so long to just be accepted for who I am.” She continues, “Really this song means so much more to me, and has a completely different meaning, than when I first heard it.”

The single’s cover art received a special design by one of Guyton’s favorite Black artists, Jamilla Okubo. “I discovered Jamilla through Instagram, and it has been really important for me to support Black art in whatever capacity that is,” Guyton relates. “When this project came together, I knew Jamilla needed to create the artwork, and it’s just so beautiful that we’re able to do this together,” she said. “When people see the cover art for ’If I Were a Boy,’ I really hope that people don’t see me, but that they see themselves.”

Download Mickey Guyton’s “If I Were A Boy” by clicking here.

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