Robert Pattinson has a vision for ‘The Batman’ set across two more films

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Robert Pattinson has a vision for the future of The Batman, and it includes more movies. “I’ve made a kind of map for where Bruce [Wayne]’s psychology would grow over two more movies,” Pattinson tells Empire. “I would love to do it.” You can check out the official trailer for The Batman below.

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Luckily for fans, it seems that the film’s producer, Dylan Clark, is on the same page. He also told Empire, “As the first standalone Batman in ten years, the hope is we can lay a foundation that you can build stories upon.”

Director Matt Reeves‘ upcoming The Batman introduces Pattinson as a much different Bruce Wayne/Batman than viewers have seen before. Reeves explains, “I’ve only ever made each movie as a passion project. This even more so, because when you know something has been done well before, and is so beloved, you can’t just come in and sleepwalk through it. You have to shoot for something. We’re trying to leave our mark on this.”

Reeves was inspired by Kurt Cobain while creating his iteration of Batman, according to Empire. Rather than making Bruce Wayne a playboy, which can be seen in Christian Bale and Ben Affleck‘s portrayals of the iconic hero, Reeves wanted to create a more grungy, reclusive version of the character.

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The Batman official trailer:

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