Alex Cameron Announces New Album ‘Oxy Music’

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Alex Cameron will release new album ‘Oxy Music’ on March 11th.

The ever-productive songwriter has built an emphatic catalogue, one marked by personal reflection and a desire to step outside the norm.

New album ‘Oxy Music’ will be released on March 11th, with its varying chapters building into a unified story that discusses America’s ongoing opioid crisis.

Alex Cameron comments…

“The album is a story, a work of fiction, mostly from the perspective of a man. Starved of meaningful purpose, confused about the state of the world, and in dire need of a reason to live – a person can, and according to the latest statistics, increasingly will, turn to opioids. This is one of those people.”

New song ‘Best Life’ is online now, and it’s a moving, potent introduction to where Alex Cameron is about to travel.

Tune in now.

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