Debbie’s ‘Is This Real Love?’ Exudes A Pure Sense Of Soul

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Soulful riser Debbie has shared new single ‘Is This Real Love?’ – tune in now.

One of the initial signings to emerging powerhouse 0207 Def Jam, Debbie has something special.

Her performances are rooted in honesty, with her love for soulful delivery fostered by years spent in the church.

Out now, ‘Is This Real Love?’ offers probing insight from this special talent, with Debbie’s vocal set against a simple, unadorned arrangement.

Seeking to pick her way through representations of love, Debbie uses this as a platform for identity, and a means to assert her own voice.

She comments: “I was frustrated with how much the definition of love is fantasised. I found myself getting passionate about the subject, and getting lost in research. In my findings, one thing that stood out was to have a stable relationship, it takes more than love.”

“Yes love is important but at its core it’s just a feeling, and you need more than a feeling to sustain something healthy. Patience, self awareness, compromise, forgiveness just to name a few… I didn’t like how social media framed love at a surface level – with ‘couple goals’ and ‘happily ever after’ captions. It all just felt misleading.”

Tune in now.

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