New Artist Spotlight: Har’monique’s Smooth Tunes Will Give Listeners ‘High Feelings’


Har’monique is a rue new artist by Spotify’s standards, having just released her first two singles, “Take Over” and “High Feelings” since August of this year. Releases aside, however, the talented vocalist and songwriter has been working on music for much longer. She would have to, with that set of pipes. Har’monique’s clear, pitch-perfect vocals on her debut tracks which preclude her debut album, out later this month, rival some of the great female singers of all time.

“Take Over” is the first track Har’monique released to the streaming world in mid-August. Teaming up with Georgia-based beatmaker Kontrabandz, Har’monique shows she’s a triple threat right away, as the empowering vocals are flawlessly delivered both as melodic R&B and flawless reggae flow. The track itself is a chilled out reggaeton beat with Caribbean-inspired accompaniment which gives the overall vibe of this song a very “Rock the Boat”-era Aaliyah vibe. Har’monique’s vocals certainly hold up to the legendary pop star and others, so she’s clearly starting out in a good place.

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Har’monique just dropped a second teaser single called “High Feelings,” also presumably produced by Kontrabandz. Also conjuring island sounds, this track is a bit more subtle and romantic, which means it really highlights the strength and skill of Har’monique’s vocals. It’s also got a fun throwback 90s R&B tinge to it which again conjures memories of the late, great Aaliyah, Rihanna and perhaps even perhaps a little Brandy and  Monica.

Clean vocals and fun, catchy melodies seem to be what fans can expect from Har’monique’s upcoming album, if “Take Over” and “High Feelings” are anything to go by. With her near operatic voice and her style already strongly defined, this artist is poised to make melodic, Caribbean waves in the R&B world very soon.

“Take over” and “High Feelings” are available to stream on Spotify. Check out Har’monique’s YouTube channel as well to check out her video for “High Feelings,” and watch both spaces for the release of her forthcoming album this month.

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